Community engagement & outreach


Downtowns Studio

Community Engagement & Outreach

Presentations, Articles & Precedents

We speak and write state-wide and nationally regarding Downtown Revitalization projects and precedents where we have served not only as consultants, but as individual building owners. We can demonstrate the success of these services in other communities and galvanize interested community groups or investors, by giving any of the following talks. Or, we can develop a specific approach to your community:

  • Reinventing and Reinvesting in Downtown
  • Crafting a Revitalization Strategy that Fits
  • Main Street, LLC: Community Entrepreneurism and the Case for Private Sector Rehab
  • Aiming for P4: the Public - Private - People - Partnership

Design Charettes

For us, the first step to identifying existing challenges and opportunities is a conversation with the community and its many stakeholders. Through a series of walking tours, aerial mapping, and lots of sketching, we develop an inventory of your downtown's needs and issues. As a member with outside perspective, we bring an expertise to the table that can assist in finding solutions to broader problems.

Community Organizing

We work with your BID / Office of Neighborhoods / BDC / Chamber / etc - or independently - to help create a broad-based, citizen-led downtown advocacy and volunteer organization to create the sense of ownership in downtown’s future that such grassroots efforts provide. In such a position we can assist in any number of initiatives, or play a more advisory role once the organization is established. This is the heart of a more long-range, sustainable revitalization strategy.

We meet regularly to build capacity, magnify the impact of revitalization efforts and lead specific initiatives.