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Main Street LLC


We have developed a unique model for Community Entrepreneurism in small towns. This model is especially useful for anchor projects exceeding the capacity of an individual investor. Rick has written and spoken nationally about this model, we have applied it successfully, and we are now working with citizens in several other downtowns to implement. Ultimately it’s a private sector effort whose planning process is sometimes “seeded” with some public funds.

“Main Street LLC” is an open, broad-based investment group positioned to do what individuals often cannot or will not do – make a generational reinvestment in an anchor building that will provide a long-range return, help leverage tax credits in the short term for investors, and make a qualitative difference in downtown. Main Street LLCs are for-profit development groups aware of the qualitative – as well as quantitative – returns to be found by reinvestment in the community.

In individual communities we help forge Main Street LLC’s – working to develop the legal structure, identify interested investors and target specific projects. In addition to bringing together funding sources, we can provide Feasibility Studies as noted above We can help form a Main Street LLC in your community, offering:

  • Organizational consulting, including presenting the concept to interested investors;
  • Creation of a prospectus for recruiting investors, and even legwork on raising capital.